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Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright


After a successful career in public service in the UK I moved to SW France where I turned my talents to writing. The area has an abundance of orchards and vineyards among rolling hills, near-deserted roads, and ancient villages that ooze history and cry out for their pasts to be explored. It is the perfect location for an author to let the stories creep into the subconscious like a painter welcomes the light.

I helped establish a French/English acting group ‘La Troupe d’Acteurs du Quercy’ in 2002, and it continues to grow with new people bringing their many talents to keep the team fresh and innovative.

My oeuvre includes novels, short stories, stage plays and screenplays. Please browse this site to see my range.

For the right project, I am also available to ghostwrite or write for hire. ‘Right’ in this case means one that appeals to me. I don’t write anything unless the idea inspires me.