The Genesis Project

The Genesis Project

IOAGI have a plan, The Genesis Project, to build a complex under an Irish mountain that will enable them to control the world’s communications for their own evil purpose. All that stands between them and success is their sworn enemy ARTEMIS and its oddball members.

When IOAGI agent Ella defects, she provides the information and expertise to thwart her former employers. Their ruthless killers are on her tail and leave mayhem in their wake. Trevelyan is in command of their operation. He has a vile flaw that magnifies his evil.

The ARTEMIS team looks doomed as their enemy gains the upper hand. Everything depends on Ella but is she a double agent? This fast-paced thriller unfolds across the swamps of Louisianna, the brooding Irish mountains and the faded glory of London. It will have you on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages following the twists and turns of this roller-coaster novel...