Born to Blush

Born to Blush

A childhood friendship years later turns to love. The time in between has created an obstacle that, if discovered, threatens to tear them apart

A child in a Victorian Workhouse befriends a boy when she's detailed to work in his wealthy family's garden. She's sent far away to work in service at the age of twelve to stop her reporting the Master for pocketing the money received from hiring out the inmates for work.

Years later, working as a lady's maid, she's falsely accused of stealing a pair of diamond earrings when her employer dies and she refuses the amorous advances of the widower on the night of the funeral.

Sentenced to seven years transportation to Australia, she escapes in the harbour before the ship sets sail. Under a false name she manages to gain employment in service.

The boy who befriended her is now an officer in the British Army and due to inherit the family fortune. They meet again by accident. Love replaces friendship. All will be lost if he and she can't keep her identity secret; she will be sent to Australia in chains.

This is a story of the kindness of strangers and the evil of some of those in authority as our heroine struggles through Victorian hypocrisy.