She fights for her right to live and love.

Fortune seems to smile on a poor orphan when she escapes poverty, and serendipity elevates her into High Society.

Love with a wealthy young man blossoms.

But her life takes a dramatic turn when evil men from her past wish to renew their hold over her.

And a cruel aristocrat intends to destroy her to exact revenge on her lover.

All she ever wanted was a peaceful life with enough to eat but to make that happen she must draw on the survival skills she learned in the gutter, and turn them against her opponents, or she will lose the man she loves and probably her life.

This gripping Victorian Romantic Thriller will take you on a roller coaster ride through the darkness and hypocrisy of Dickensian England.

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Her future looks good - her English father is a rich Sherry producer and her mother a Spanish beauty from whom she has inherited her good looks. Well-educated, feisty and thoughtful for others. The world beckons!On her last night at university she wins a Lindy Hop competition. Then her world crumbles when she kills a man in self-defence. He tries to force himself on her - she refuses to succumb. In another time and place maybe she could go to the police. But not this time and in this place. It's 1936 Madrid. The dead guy is the son of her corrupt local police chief. And the Spanish Civil War is brewing.

The police chief murders her parents. Now she is running for her life.

She finds sanctuary in the Sierras with the piano player from the Lindy Hop. Love blossoms in their mountain hideaway.

But war comes and with it the police chief bent on revenge for his son.

The unfolding story follows the life of a young woman who must dig deep to find hidden strengths she never knew she had as she battles for survival and tries to keep love alive in such difficult times.

The lovers' anthem is the Gershwin song 'Someone to Watch Over Me'. It resonates in her mind throughout her struggles and longing for her nightmare to end.

This gripping romantic adventure will have you turning the pages to follow an ordinary woman catapulted into extraordinary times. Alicia has that quiet courage that many women of her time and in the present possess.

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A childhood friendship years later turns to love.

The time in between has created an obstacle that, if discovered, threatens to tear them apart.

A child in a Victorian Workhouse befriends a boy when she's detailed to work in his wealthy family's garden. To stop her reporting the Master for pocketing the money received from hiring out the inmates for work, at the age of twelve she is sent far away to work in service at a country mansion.

Years later, working as a lady's maid, her Mistress is taken terminally ill. She's falsely accused of stealing a pair of diamond earrings by her employer's husband when she refuses to let him have his way with her.

A fugitive from the law, she finds sanctuary with a new identity as a lady's maid in a Stately Home but her future is put in jeopardy when her friend from childhood, now an officer in Queen Victoria's army, comes to dinner and recognises her..

His duty is to turn her in. But friendship turns to love. Their future together looks impossible. She is a fugitive and lower class. He is a wealthy upper class officer.

Curl up with this delightful tale of love in days gone by.

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The fisherman who pulls Sophia out of the harbour has a secret and she's dying to know it but hopefully not literally.

Sophia decides to take a vacation in the South of France to get away from troubles back home from her ex and work.

As she strolls along the quayside she trips over a discarded rope and head over heels falls into the dock. About to be turned into mincemeat by the propeller of a trawler she's saved by a fisherman.

Partly as a thank you gesture, but mostly because he's the coolest and best looking guy she has ever met, she takes him out to dinner where she becomes intrigued with this man who seems to be only masquerading as a poor fisherman. Who is he? And what is the secret he's hiding? She wants to know.

As a romance develops she's drawn in to his world so different from her own.

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She isn't who she thinks she is. She's much better than that.

A privileged and jealous young woman in 1730s Boston believes her father's forbidden love affair with a woman of color is scandalous. She arranges with slavers to kidnap her rival in this Romantic Adventure.

Her disastrous betrayal sends her to Jamaica to limit the repercussions from the damage she has caused.

In thrilling adventures on the way she meets ahandsome Highlander who recruits her into his courageous spy ring to work against a brutal enemy. She learnsthe meaning of courage and sacrifice.

In Jamaica she discovers a shattering family secret that will change her view of the world and threaten her developing romance with the Highlander.

If you like your heroines to depend on their man to rescue them, this is not the novel for you. If you like flawed women who try to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses and prejudices, then it is.

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Sun, sea and maybe something else on a Caribbean island.

A beautiful woman - a guy on business to buy rum and cigars - fireworks explode when they team up.

This Romantic Thriller takes you on a roller coaster trip around Cuba's nightlife, jungles and edgy undercurrents as two cultures clash.

Secret Police - Crooks - Resistance Fighters want a piece of him.

When he meets Maria she offers to be his interpreter. He hopes she will offer more than linguistic skills. She does. . . but not what he expected. Now he's unsure if she wants to bed him, wed him or kill him.

This is no ordinary business trip and Harry must discover hidden depths of courage if he wants to get off the island alive. Harry is way out of his depth and running for his life with no idea where he's going or whose side Maria is on.

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He wanted to live. It saved him. Now he must do its evil bidding or the consequences for those he loves will be tragic.

This gripping supernatural tale follows the troubles of a soldier facing iminent death with his comrades in a WW1 trench. A mysterious mist appears and offers to save him and his men if he will agree to obey its orders.

Believing it benign like the Angel of Mons he agrees and is set on a downward spiral as he battles to outwit it.

His dilemma is to decide whether to do an evil act or accept that his refusal will result in the death of his wife or son. Suicide is not an option. He's clever and innovative but is he clever enough to defeat milennia old evil? He must try.

A mysterious woman who may be immortal comes to his aid or seeks his demise, he must decide which if he is to win agains the odds.

The roller coaster story has action, adventure, romance and a supernatural element that will have you turning the pages to discover what happens to the soldier and those around him.

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